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Approved Oregon Real Estate School

Welcome to A+ Real Estate School – your ONLINE pre-license course for the State of OREGON.

From the OWNER of A+ Real Estate School - CRAIG ZIMBER:

"We know you have choices for your Real Estate pre-license schooling. We appreciate our students and we take pride in our unmatched personalized service for each and every student. You will always have your questions answered by a professional who cares about you. Please feel free to call me personally anytime – I am here to help you!"

  Craig Zimber

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PRE-License Requirements

Oregon eliminated the salesperson license category and became an "all-broker" state in 2002.  You must hold a broker license to perform professional real estate activity in Oregon . [ ORS 696.010(13) ]

To obtain a real estate broker license in Oregon , you must:

Once all the above requirements have been met in any order, you are then eligible to apply for a real estate license. The Real Estate Agency will send a broker license application to you after you have passed the license examination.



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